Keramo S.p.A. was founded in 1972 by Mr. Giovanni Interdonato.
The productive philosophy of this company was characterized, ever since the first years of activity, by a strong guidance to the development of ground-breaking and technologically advanced ceramic products used in highly developed applications as well as in small and medium productions. Thatís why ever since the beginning of 1970 Mr. Interdonato invested great resources and efforts in buying advanced machinery and equipments in addition to the employment of especially qualified personnel.
The growth of Keramo S.p.A., which takes place in the second half of 1970, is the exactly result of these choices and was followed by a broad and constant improvement of its products. Since the first years of 1980 Keramo society became the reference point of many companies of mechanical, electric and electronic field interested in the employ and development of traditional and not traditional , as well as innovative ceramic components. An important turning point happened in 1985. The thick reduction of traditional insulating materials market due to the quick expansion of the thermo-hardening plastic material, drives Keramo Spa to concentrate the majority-share of his production to the manufacture of products based on alumina oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide , silicon nitride and boron. The advantages connected to the use of these innovative materials are:
  • Better wear resistance than traditional ceramics
  • Very good resistance to acids and other corrosive agents (alkali)
  • Higher tensile and shearing strength and abrasion resistance
Another distinctive element of Keramo commercial politics is the excellent customer service . While the mass-produced products are few, the pieces realized according to specific customersí requests are many.
Defining specifications the client works in close cooperation with Keramo team in order to study and make out the best solution for his needs.